Barkhausen Institut

Wireless Connectivity

What we do

We are working on the development of dependable wireless communications for the Internet-of-Things (IoT), i.e., which could be secure, reliable, and resilient, while satisfying the applications requirements, such as low latency. We focus our research on multi-connectivity, Physical Layer Security and in the combination of radar and communication links. While we perform mostly mathematical analysis and simulation studies of these research topics, we aim to develop new solutions that can be demonstrated in real life. For that purpose, we collaborate with BI’s Lab team and interact with the other groups at the BI to consider practical characteristics of hardware and system.

Regarding physical layer security, in our group we investigate new disruptive methodologies which can make us overcome some of the well-known difficulties for practical implementations : particularly by making the generation of longer and, hence, “more secure” encryption keys under realistic propagation environments, with or without line-of-sight or without mobility between the transmitter and the receiver.

In our group we investigate new waveforms for radar and communication and the appropriate signal-processing techniques that can be efficiently applied to both purposes at low cost.

For multi-connectivty we investigate methods that allow us to improve its efficiency, by adapting the amount of resources to the application requirements, channel conditions and traffic levels.

Who we are


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