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Barkhausen Institut

Why Open Source

Open Source creates trust.

We give high priority to the trustworthiness of our research on the Internet of Things. By publishing results as source code, experts or interested laypersons can review them at any time. This way everyone can see at a glance what our software does or does not do.

Open Source fosters cooperation.

Results that are available as source code under a free licence can be used by anyone as a basis for further work. This means that follow-up work can quickly and easily build on such previous results. The comparability of results is also increased, as previous results can be traced back to the sources.

Open Source gives back to the community.

Projects that are available in open source cannot be controlled by a company. The product policy of companies can change at any time and does not necessarily have the common good in mind. A software package that is relied upon as a work basis may be discontinued by the manufacturer. But what has once been made available to the community under a free licence cannot simply disappear. A free licence is a reliable basis, as it is not controlled by particular interests.

The BI has contributed to the following projects so far: