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Barkhausen Institut

Connected Robotics Lab Blog

We, as robotics, communication and software engineers at the Barkhausen Insitut, are exposed to new problems daily. Be it software bugs or missing documentation, for most questions we are not the first one to ask them. Instead, we rely on the generous content provided by others in official documentation, on Q&A sites or through private blogs. Mostly, these sites already provide the necessary solution.

However, sometimes we cannot find solutions to a particular problem online. Then we have to figure it out ourselves and document the solution. But, oftentimes our issues are equal to these other engineers might face in the future. Therefore, we believe it is just natural, to feed back our knowledge into the community.

With the present work log of the Barkhausen Institut we want to pursue this goal. Moreover, we sometimes publish specific articles about our work in general, some status updates or recent achievements. In case you have any questions, feel free to reach us directly.