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Barkhausen Institut


Executive Board

Gerhard Fettweis
Prof. Dr.Gerhard FettweisManaging Director

Connected Robotics Lab

Maximilian Matthé
Dr.-Ing.Maximilian MatthéHead of Engineering Lab
Paul Auerbach
M.Sc.Paul AuerbachResearch Associate
Markus Böhme
Dipl.-Ing.Markus BöhmeResearch Engineer
Paul Kühne
Dipl.-Ing.Paul KühneResearch Engineer
Joshwa Pohlmann
Dipl.-Ing.Joshwa PohlmannResearch Engineer
Sebastian Vorberg
Dipl.-Ing.Sebastian VorbergEmbedded System Developer

Wireless Connectivity

Arsenia Chorti
Dr.Arsenia ChortiResearch Group Leader
Jan Adler
M.Sc.Jan AdlerResearch Associate
Sayed Hossein Dokhanchi
Dr.Sayed Hossein DokhanchiResearch Associate
Amitha Mayya
M. Sc.Amitha MayyaResearch Associate
Miroslav Mitev
Dr.Miroslav MitevResearch Associate
Minh Thuy Pham
Dr.Minh Thuy PhamResearch Associate

RF Design Enablement

Composable Operating Systems

Michael Roitzsch
Dr.-Ing.Michael RoitzschResearch Group Leader
Nils Asmussen
Dr.-Ing.Nils AsmussenResearch Associate
Sebastian Ertel
Dr.-Ing.Sebastian ErtelResearch Associate
Till Miemietz
Dipl.-Inf.Till MiemietzResearch Associate
Carsten Weinhold
Dr.-Ing.Carsten WeinholdRESEARCH ASSOCIATE

Scalable Computing Hardware

Sebastian Haas
Dr.-Ing.Sebastian HaasResearch Associate
Mattis Hasler
Dipl.-Ing.Mattis HaslerResearch Associate
Friedrich Pauls
Dr.-Ing.Friedrich PaulsResearch Associate
Yogesh Verma
M. Tech.Yogesh VermaResearch Associate

Secure and Privacy-Respecting Data Processing

Science Communication

Patricia Grünberg
Dr.Patricia GrünbergHead of Science Communication
Tiphaine Cattiau
Dr. phil.Tiphaine CattiauProject Manager Open Lab
Sandra Erber
M. A.Sandra ErberProject Manager Science Communication
Carolin Fischer
Carolin FischerProject Manager Learning Lab
Anne Sarah Kraus
Anne Sarah KrausPR Manager (on Parental Leave)