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Barkhausen Institut


At the Barkhausen Institute we focus on the commitment, motivation and qualification of our employees, which we see as a precondition for scientific success. In order to ensure the reconciling of work, family and private life, the Barkhausen Institute underwent the audit of berufundfamilie gGmbH of the non-profit Hertie Foundation for the first time in 2020. The certificate associated with this audit examines concepts and measures for family-friendliness and confirms the equal opportunities for men and women at the institute. We want to maintain and further develop our family and life-phase-oriented personnel policy in the long term. For this reason we strive for the re-auditing after three years.

The compatibility of work and family is a central component of the special working atmosphere at the Barkhausen Institute. The opportunity to work for the scientific community and for the family or private environment at the same time creates a basic requirement for our employees to develop their potential and ensure their performance. Being aware of the different realities of life, "family" does not only mean parenthood for us, but also commitment to relatives as well as private or social commitment.

We rely on a variety of family-friendly measures for work and research, which are certified by the audit berufundfamilie. To create optimal working conditions, we encourage our employees to discuss their needs with us and look for solutions together. Because life situations are as different as our researchers are.

Selection of our family-friendly measures:

  • flexible working hours
  • part-time and life-phase-oriented working time organization
  • mobile working
  • family-conscious organization of appointments
  • promotion of individual training and career development
  • support in the care for relatives