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Barkhausen Institut

About our research

The Barkhausen Institut conducts research on topics related to the trustworthiness of the Internet of Things. The goal is to create so-called trust anchors as part of the devices of the Internet of Things. To this end, we are working on hardware, software and transmission technologies. Our research focuses on secure operating systems and secure processor architectures. In addition, we investigate how radio technologies can contribute to increasing the security of the overall system, e.g. in the generation of cryptographic keys or reliable positioning by radar. 

Part of trustworthiness is the protection of personal data that is generated when using devices of the Internet of Things. For this purpose we develop holistic solutions that protect privacy without compromising functionality.  


Besides building demonstrators showing IoT concepts to public, our Connected Robotics Lab supports the researchers with measurement applications and setups. As such, we have developed a framework for Physical Layer research. We use this framework to allow researchers to run Hardware-in-the-loop (HaLo) tests of their signal processing algorithms.

For example, we support the wireless and RF design research group with the implementation of a joint radar and communication measurement setup and demonstrator. Moreover, we will assist in the development of a test setup for Physical Layer Security.

In addition, we develop a custom solution that supports ultra-low-latency wireless communications with latencies of 1ms which runs a battery-driven embedded radio devices. This system is needed to support our battery-driven mobile robots.