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Barkhausen Institut


HermesPy (Heteregeneous Radio MobileSimulator) is an open-source Python-based simulator for the physical (PHY) layer of wireless communication systems. Its purpose is to help in the investigation of 5G and 6G wireless systems, including communications and RF sensing. It can be flexibly configured to simulate different technologies and channel models, supporting the simulation of multiple transmitters and receivers using different waveforms, numerologies and frequencies. A statistical analysis of the results is provided and results are stored for further processing.

We are committed to open source, and believe that making such a simulator tool publicly available for all is an important step towards an increased verifiability and reproducibility of research results.


The command line version of HermesPy can be easily installed by the Windows setup routine. Installation instructions for both end-users and developers may be found under


HermesPy is open-source project and was developed to be easily extended to include new waveforms, encoders, and other models. Current collaborators are the Barkhausen Institut and the Vodafone Chair for Mobile Communication Systems of the TU Dresden. It is a cooperative endeavour, and we are open to new users and collaborators. Please have a look at the GitHub page for more details on how to collaborate. The source code can be found on GitHub as well.