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Barkhausen Institut


HermesPy (Heteregeneous Radio MobileSimulator) is a Python-based simulator of the physical (PHY) layer of wireless communication systems. Its purpose is to help in the investigation of 5G and 6G wireless systems. It can be flexibly configured to simulate different waveforms and channel models. It supports the simulation of multiple transmitters and receivers using different waveforms and frequencies. A statistical analysis of the results is provided and results are stored for further processing.

The current release (2020) provides the basic platform support for the simulation of multiple modems and different channel models. OFDM and single-carrier modulation are already supported. The next releases will provide support for 5G waveforms ('5G Release' in April 2021) and a framework for future 6G waveforms (October 2021). A detailed description of the features in each release can be found on GitHub.

HermesPy is open-source and was developed to be easily extended to include new waveforms, coders, and other models. Current collaborators are the

  • Barkhausen Institut and the
  • Vodafone Chair for Mobile Communication Systems of the TU Dresden.

It is a collaborative endeavour, and we are open to new collaborators. Please have a look at the GitHub page for more details on how to collaborate. The source code can be found on GitHub as well:

The release plan looks as follows:

"April 2021: 5G Ready"

We will make HermesPy more user-friendly and resilient by providing a user manual, fixing bugs, and establishing a framework that can be run on the GitHub server. Further, our platform approach will be improved to ease implementation of one's own technologies. Codes, channel models, and modems will support 5G functionality. The simulation will support multiple antennas.

In detail:

  • Simulation
    • Open-Loop MIMO support (spatial multiplexing, space-time codes)
    • improving extensibility of platform approach
  • Channel
    • 5G PHY channel model
  • Modem
    • 5G Frame including reference symbols
  • Codes
    • LDPC codes
  • Other
    • User manual
    • bugfixes
    • CI

"October 2021: 5G++"

We want to make HermesPy more realistic by providing hardware impairments and other channel characteristics. The modem will support a flexible GFDM scheme. Starting from that HermesPy can be used to simulate scenarios beyond 5G.

In detail:

  • Simulation
  • Channel
    • IQ imbalance
    • phase noise
  • Modem
    • Non-linear amplifiers
    • equalization for SC modulation
    • channel estimation
    • flexible GFDM modem
    • beamforming and antenna patterns
  • Codes
  • Other