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MetaBoost project

The new project Metamaterial-Boosted Antenna Systems for Beam Steering in IoT-Applications (MetaBoost) was started in the BI research group RF Design Enablement.

The antenna is a key element in any radio communication system, both in the receiver and the transmitter. To realize future applications in the Internet of Things with high data rates, significantly higher operating frequencies are required. These higher frequencies not only allow higher data rates,  they also reduce the size of the antenna. However, the propagation losses of such antennas are a disadvantage. They can be eliminated by various techniques such as the combination of beam forming and beam steering. Therefore, the goal of the MetaBoost project is to develop a beam steering antenna system which is characterized by a reduced antenna size. Furthermore, it will significantly reduce the energy consumption of applications in the field of the Internet of Things. For the realization  the combination of different lens concepts and artificially produced materials - so called metamaterials - will be analyzed and applied. High-resolution 3D printing processes are also used to create the system. The results of MetaBoost contribute to the development of new wireless connectivity solutions that will significantly advance the development of the Internet of Things.

This measure is co-financed with tax funds based on the budget approved by the Saxon state parliament. 

Project duration: 2020-2022

Contact: Dr. Padmanava Sen, Head of the RF Design Enablement Group, E-Mail: