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Barkhausen Institut

Research Projects

    01.05.2023 | The Future is Secure: SEMECO Redefines Medical Device Networking

    Barkhausen Institut is driving innovation in the SEMECO project, developing secure medical technologies, improving data transmission for computer tomographs, and bridging the gap between science and the public through science communication initiatives.

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    01.02.2023 | MICRO COSMOS – A Programming Model and Compiler for Cloud Microservices

    Writing programs that execute in parallel in a distributed system, i.e., across many computers, is challenging. Project MICRO COSMOS investigates an approach to automatically translate sequential into distributed programs.

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    01.01.2023 | HiCONNECTS - Heterogeneous Integration for Connectivity and Sustainability

    The project HiCONNECTS aims to overcome two of the most important obstacles of the current state of the art: the transmission of Internet of Things data over the IT network and the sensing of objects to enable "Highly Automated Driving". Barkhausen Institut contributes by developing Radio Frequency Antennas for automotive radars and focusing on integration of the mmWave antennas into radar chipsets.

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    01.01.2023 | COREnext - Trustworthiness and Sustainability for 6G

    A step forward in digital component design must be made to increase the speed and to create highly energy-efficient computer systems. At the same time, trustworthiness of the systems must be ensured. The European research project COREnext aims to build a computing architecture and components for sustainable and trustworthy B5G and 6G processing.

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    31.12.2022 | 6G-ReS: Secure and resilient 5G/6G systems

    6G-ReS project focuses on developing resilient 5G/6G systems for crisis communication. Using the O-RAN standard, open interfaces and 'zero trust' security can be ensured, enabling robust communication in the face of targeted attacks and natural disasters. BI investigates the O-Ran standard for the Radio Access Network (RAN, which relies on the use of virtualization and promotes open interfaces and interoperability.

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    15.11.2022 | KOMSENS-6G

    The goal of KOMSENS-6G is to add another core functionality to the 6th generation (6G) mobile communications system: radio sensing. BI will develop radio frequency hardware for Joint Communication and Sensing and will also focus on security and privacy of such systems.

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    01.11.2022 | CampuSens – Research for secure and trustworthy 6G Networks

    The novel sensory capabilities of next generation 6G mobile communications bring with them certain risks in the area of security and privacy. The Barkhausen Institut is researching a security concept that will enable a trustworthy implementation.

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    01.11.2022 | M/EDGE -Secure Low-Power Medical Edge Computing

    Modern medical devices increasingly contain microchips, often located in the immediate vicinity of or even inside the patient's body over a longer period of time. In the M/EDGE project, energy-saving and miniaturized computing technology will be developed for use in and on patients. It also aims at finding solutions to connect medical products to a medical cloud while being energy-efficient.

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    01.10.2022 | 6G-ICAS4Mobility - Combining communication and radar?

    The aim of ICAS4Mobility is to combine communication and radar and integrate them into a common system for the future 6G mobile communications standard. Barkhausen Institut is investigating privacy aspects and options for securing captured sensor data against manipulations.

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    01.08.2022 | FOSSIL: Operating system support to exploit the benefits of non-volatile main memory

    In the recent past, there has been important progress in the production-ready implementation of non-volatile memory. The FOSSIL project focuses on making the advantages of non-volatile memory also usable for applications.

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    01.10.2021 | 6G Platform

    6G is already the sixth generation of mobile communications. The Barkhausen Institut participates in the research and development of 6G by being part of the 6G Platform project. Within the project, the BI conducts research on trustworthiness issues and designs new formats of science communication.

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    25.08.2021 | Climate Change in Historic Gardens

    The impacts of climate change can already be observed today and require proactive and determined action on the part of our society. Under the direction of the Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten gGmbH, the Barkhausen Institut is working to support and relieve the gardeners in the Pillnitz Palace Garden, by developing a semi-autonomous robot to facilitate the watering of the plants.

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