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Barkhausen Institut

Interactive IoT World

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Realisation: Barkhausen Institut and intolight   Drawing: Robert Richter

How digital is our everyday life? At home with a tablet, at school with digital offers or when travelling with navigation apps - many of us can hardly imagine life without communication via the internet.

But today not only people communicate via the internet, but also devices communicate with each other. Worldwide, a billion devices already have small embedded computers that can take in information from the environment, analyse it and then react to it independently. These devices belong to the "Internet of Things", or "IoT" for short. Among other things, IoT systems can be used to improve climate protection, help the elderly in their everyday lives or control traffic in growing cities. But every new application of the IoT also poses new challenges for data protection and data security. The Barkhausen Institut is researching secure and reliable IoT systems that protect our privacy. This interactive panorama is not only intended to inform, but also to stimulate social discourse about the opportunities and challenges of IoT.