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Barkhausen Institut

JETLAG Video Game

Experience Latency and Packet Loss Rate

The researchers at the Barkhausen Institut are working on making the Internet of Things (IoT) secure and reliable. Depending on the application, the interconnected IoT devices must be able to react extremely quickly. For example, if the reaction time of an autonomous vehicle is short or even unnoticeable, we speak of very low "latency". Another prerequisite for a reliable IoT is the certainty that information will arrive at its destination in full. Information to be transmitted is divided into packets which can be lost during transmission. In communications engineering, the "packet loss rate" is used to evaluate the quality of the transmission channel.    

Why is low latency and excellent connectivity so important in wireless communication and what would happen if there was high latency or many packet losses? In road traffic, one can imagine that these conditions are indisputably necessary to allow car passengers, cyclists and pedestrians to move around in a safe environment when autonomous vehicles are on the road.

With our video game you can experience the effect of different latency and packet loss rates by adjusting these values. Your task is to steer a space ship around a curvy track. The control of the spaceship reacts to your input with a delay ("latency") or sometimes not at all ("packet loss"). 



Open Source Game by Thibaut Despoulain


Click on the Picture to start playing



Steer: < and >

Throttle: ^

Brake: A and D

Packet loss rate: 0 through 9

Latency: +/- or N/M