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Barkhausen Institut


    27.04.2023 | The challenge of self-interference in the antenna domain

    Our researcher Merve Tascioglu Yalcinkaya has published a study analyzing techniques to reduce self-interference in in-band full-duplex operation.

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    23.06.2022 | Securing IoT devices with open-source hardware and software

    BI-Members Sebastian Haas and Nils Asmussen have published a guest article in HiPEAC Magazine about ways to secure IoT-devices by means of specific hardware- and software-solutions.

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    08.03.2022 | Efficient and scalable Core-Multiplexing with M³v

    The BI research groups "Modular Operating Systems" and "Scalable Hardware Platforms" have collaborated on a paper, which introduces the efficient and scalable core multiplexing concept of M³v.

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    05.01.2022 | Is Europe ready for a fully connected and intelligent world?

    As part of the “COREnect” (European Core Technologies for future connectivity systems and components) consortium the Barkhausen Institut is glad to announce the release of the White Paper: “Passive user or innovative driver? Europe's future role in microelectronics and connectivity”.
    The intention is to showcase how the mobile connectivity revolution will affect existing industrial ecosystems and prepare Europe for future challenges.

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    08.12.2021 | 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G. And now?

    The Barkhausen Institut contributed to the new VDE White Paper "Joint Communications &
    Sensing. Common Radio-Communications and sensor technology".
    The paper clarifies in detail the challenges that JC & S poses to science, business and also society. At the same time, it provides concrete recommendations for action on how Germany can take the step toward a leading position in 6G with the help of Joint Communication & Sensing.

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    15.12.2020 | IoT-Sicherheit: Ein holistischer Ansatz ist notwendig

    Dr. Stefan Köpsell, der Leiter der BI-Forschungsgruppe "Datenschutzgerechte und sichere Datenverarbeitung", zeigt in einem Gastbeitrag für den Smart Systems Hub die Notwendigkeit von starken IT-Sicherheitsmaßnahmen im IoT-Bereich auf.

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    20.11.2020 | Time Delay Software Development

    The BI research group „Connected Robotics Lab“ (CoRoLa) submitted a new paper, which evaluates latencies entailed by the prominent software development framework (ROS) for connected robotics.

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    20.10.2020 | Efficient communication for chirp-based systems

    The BI Research Group Wireless Communication has published a new paper. We briefly present the most important findings.

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    02.07.2020 | New 6G White Paper on Localization and Sensing

    Our Groupleader of Wireless Connectivity Dr. André Noll Barreto is co-author of a new 6G White Paper on Localization and Sensing. You want to find out more? We have a short summary for you!

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