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Barkhausen Institut

Is Europe ready for a fully connected and intelligent world?

As part of the “COREnect” (European Core Technologies for future connectivity systems and components) consortium the Barkhausen Institut is glad to announce the release of the White Paper: “Passive user or innovative driver? Europe's future role in microelectronics and connectivity”.

The intention is to showcase how the mobile connectivity revolution will affect existing industrial ecosystems. It includes proposals to secure European relevance in future global ecosystems, and to ideally position the European industry and economy in this coming digital revolution, despite ever-growing global competition. The main objective of this White Paper is primarily to catalyze a continued discussion and bring general awareness about the inevitable challenges and opportunities that Europe will face in an intelligent and fully connected green and digital world.

The automotive industry - one of the most reputed and long-standing European industry champions - is used as a case study, with the aim to exemplify how evolved software, hardware and connectivity are transforming the very core of the business. Acquired insights are also applied at a higher level and discussion on how other vertical sectors may follow a similar path as the automotive industry.

The role of European telecommunication and microelectronic industries is discussed as a key enabler to maintain European value creation across business segments. To guide the analysis, the COREnect expert groups, representing leading institutions and companies across Europe, have provided valuable perspectives. At the end of the White Paper, important strategic directions are given for consideration.

COREnect targets to develop analysis and recommendations for establishing a sustainable European open digital autonomy in 6G, where roles of microelectronics and connectivity are becoming more and more critical. This White Paper helps you quickly grasp the scale of challenges and potential opportunities and is a good read for all the related stakeholders in the public and private sectors”, says Gerhard P. Fettweis, Scientific Director Barkhausen Institut Vodafone Chair Professor, COREnect Project Coordinator, TU Dresden.

The COREnect consortium involves prominent European industrial and academia players from the telecommunications sector (Ericsson, III-V Lab / Nokia, and Technische Universität Dresden/ Barkhausen Institut), from the microelectronics sector (Infineon, NXP, STMicroelectronics, imec and CEA), industrial associations representing the Smart Networks and Services and Key Digital Technologies communities (5G IA and AENEAS), a leading industry player in one of the vertical markets for 5G (Bosch), and one of the major promoters of the European SME ICT community (AUSTRALO).

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 956830