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Barkhausen Institut

BI campaigns for democracy in Dresden

The Barkhausen Institut supports the event UNITED FOR DEMOCRACY - Dresden's science and culture invites you on 25 May, organised by the research association DRESDEN-concept and the Alliance #WOD - Initiative for an Open City of Dresden. As an international institution for research and innovation, we consider respect, diversity, cosmopolitanism and a democratic society to be of central importance.

"With the event 'Together for Democracy - Dresden Science and Culture Invites You' we, as a strong alliance of Dresden institutions from the fields of science, art and culture, want to send a clear signal of unity for the protection of our democracy. Unfortunately, recent events in our city have once again emphasised the urgency of this message. We therefore hope that as many people as possible will accept our invitation and join us in standing together for values such as respect, diversity, openness and democracy," said Professor Ursula M. Staudinger, Rector of the TU Dresden.

On 25 May, the event will start at 1:30 pm with groups gathering at four locations. These locations are
- Fritz-Foerster-Platz
- Sachsenplatz
- Albert Square
- Wettiner Platz

From 2 pm the groups will move towards the city centre and meet at the Altmarkt, where the main "Together for Democracy" programme will take place from 3 pm to 6 pm.

On the stage at the Altmarkt, the Dresden Symphony Orchestra will present a musical statement developed especially for the occasion, as well as concert contributions by the Hamburg musicians BOSSE, the Dresden Brass ensemble made up of international musicians from the Banda Communale, arias by Semperoper soprano Nikola Hillebrand and a contribution by the extraordinary Dresden amateur choir project Bürgerchor am Kulti, with over 100 singers who will sing together with the audience. The event will be hosted by MDR presenter Sissy Metzschke and science presenter Simon Hauser.

Various pavilions will offer opportunities for exchange and dialogue.

All citizens are cordially invited to participate and come to the public festival of science and culture for democracy on the Altmarkt. 

Details of the programme at DRESDEN-concept and #WOD.