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Artificial Intelligence explained

New exhibition at the COSMO Science Forum in the Kulturpalast

The new exhibition "Artificial Intelligence Explained" opened at the COSMO Science Forum in Dresden's Kulturpalast on September 8, 2023. From September 12, 2023, it will also be open to the public from Tuesday to Thursday between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Entrance is free.

The title of the exhibition is deliberately ambiguous: How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) work? What makes it "intelligent"? What can we use it for today and in the future? The exhibition is addressing these questions and many more. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fettweis, Managing Director of the Barkhausen Institut and Professor of Mobile Messaging Systems at TU Dresden, classifies the current state of AI as follows: "Artificial Intelligence is developing rapidly and will have an impact on further areas of everyday life in the future, for example in medicine and mobility. While it is still an experimental field today, with the main focus on improving functionality, the additional important question is already arising: How do we ensure AI is trustworthy?"

The new exhibition shows how Artificial Intelligence works, how research institutes in Dresden are already working with it today, and how architecture and design students as well as artists are questioning AI or applying it in their creative processes.

More than 20 events will be organized during the exhibition (Sep. 5, 2023 - Jan. 25, 2024) for a more in-depth examination of the subject. All events are published in the event schedule of the Kulturpalast.

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About COSMO Science Forum:
COSMO – this is an interactive science forum where cutting-edge research can be experienced live through various types of events as well as interactive exhibits. COSMO is managed by the Department of Speculative Transformation of Dresden University of Technology and the Barkhausen Institut.