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Barkhausen Institut

Trustworthiness for the Tactile Internet of Things

Our research institute was founded in 2017 in Dresden, Saxony. It brings together researchers from a variety of backgrounds from all over the world. We develop break-through technology with the aim of increasing the dependability of IoT systems (Internet of Things), that includes ensuring availability, integrity and confidentiality. Doing so, we create a foundation of a trustworthy IoT which is one basis of a future "digital democracy". Therefore, besides such scientific research, science communication plays an important role in everyday’s work of the Barkhausen Institut.

Security and Privacy

One of the requirements for a trustworthy IoT is a secure and privacy-respecting data processing. Why, despite all the efforts, has it not yet been possible to get to grips with the security problems in the IoT sector? Where do we currently stand in the area of research and development?

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Internet of Things

What is "Internet of Things" actually? And where can you find this "IoT" in your everyday environment? 

Dive into an interactive world and learn more about a future technology that is sometimes already reality!


Learning Lab

We take part in the JUNIORDOKTOR program an offer some internships

JuniorDoktor offer  (German)

Offer for the school year 2021/2022  (German)


Latest News

08.09.2021 | Science Date: Ein Date mit der Wissenschaft

Ein neues Dialogformat im Rahmen der SCHAUFENSTER DER FORSCHUNG gibt Bürgerinnen und Bürgern die Möglichkeit Eins-zu-Eins mit den Wissenschaftler:innen des Barkhausen Instituts ins gespräch zu kommen - ohne Bühne, ohne Publikum, ohne Vorbehalte dafür auf Augenhöhe und mit viel Freude am Austausch.

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13.07.2021 | Future starts now - IoT meets culture

Connected things will change many areas of our lives and also offer new opportunities for creative workers and artists. To explore the exciting connection between IoT and culture in more detail, we have developed explanatory videos together with students of cultural management at the HTW Saar.

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02.07.2021 | Dresden Long Night of Science 2021

We cordially invite all citizens to discover the connected world with us. For the 18th Dresden Long Night of Science on 9 July, we will open our digital rooms.

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