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Barkhausen Institut

Dependability for the Tactile Internet of Things

Our research institute was founded in 2017 in Dresden, Saxony. It brings together researchers from a variety of backgrounds from all over the world. We develop break-through technology with the aim of increasing the dependability of IoT systems (Internet of Things), that includes ensuring availability, integrity and confidentiality. Doing so, we create a foundation of a trustworthy IoT which is one basis of a future "digital democracy". Therefore, besides such scientific research, science communication plays an important role in everyday’s work of the Barkhausen Institut.

Learning Lab

We take part in the JUNIORDOKTOR program an offer some internships

Read more about our JuniorDoktor offer (German)

Read more about our offer for the school year 2020/2021 (German)


Latest News

20.11.2020 | Time Delay Software Development

The BI research group „Connected Robotics Lab“ (CoRoLa) submitted a new paper, which evaluates latencies entailed by the prominent software development framework (ROS) for connected robotics.

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13.11.2020 | BI participates in Webinar on Localization and Sensing for 6G

The BI will participate in the webinar on Localization and Sensing for 6G on November 18th, 2020, as part of the 6G research Visions Webinar Series.

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09.11.2020 | OpenLab vom Stifterverband ausgewählt

Das OpenLab des Barkhausen Instituts wurde im Rahmen der Initiative "Wirkung hoch 100" ausgewählt. Der Stifterverband fördert mit seiner Jubiläumsinitiative 100 Ideen für das Bildungs-, Wissenschafts- und Innovationssystem von morgen.

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