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Barkhausen Institut

Trustworthiness through a 6G chip platform?

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fettweis discusses current research in the COREnext project at the Connect Conference Dresden.

From June 14 to June 15, 2023, industry representatives will discuss current trends at the Connect Conference technology conference in Dresden. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fettweis, Managing Director of Barkhausen Institut, will participate in the panel "The Saxon Chip Industry's Contribution to Europe's Digital Transformation" on June 14 together with Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, Thomas Richter (Infineon), Ivonne Keil (Global Foundries), Prof. Michael Bolle (Carl Zeiss) and Christian Koitzsch (Bosch Fab). Among other things, he will speak on the industry and population opportunities presented by 6G: personal mobile robotic companions that could make our lives easier and richer.

In a keynote on June 15, Prof. Dr. Fettweis will speak on the topic of “The COREnext project’s reliability and 6G mobile chips:”

The first two generations of mobile communications provided voice telephony, the C-network for business customers, and GSM for everyone. The next two generations provided mobile Internet, 3G/UMTS with the Blackberry or Nokia Communicator for business customers, 4G/LTE with smartphones for everyone. 5G offers the entry into remote control of movement of real and virtual objects - for business customers, e.g., in agriculture, construction, health, manufacturing industry and logistics. 6G will enable mobile personal robotics and AR (augmented reality) for all. However, tremendous innovation in wireless sensor technology is required for sensing the local environment of AR glasses or mobile robots – hence the global trend in 6G research towards "sensing-as-a-service" as a key innovation.
How can we enable this innovative feature without it becoming a spy of my environment? How can we increase trustworthiness to the point where we make use of robotic helpers in our daily life, e.g. in sports, entertainment, health, household, garden, and mobility, and understand them as our partners? The key lies not only in the 6G system, but in particular in a 6G chip platform. In the EU's COREnext project, 23 partners are researching an answer to the question of trustworthiness through a new chip platform.

Further information and tickets: connect conference.