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Barkhausen Institut

SEMECO wins BMBF Clusters4Future competition

BI is a partner in the future cluster SEMECO (Secure Medical Microsystems and Communications), which is one of the winners of the second round of the BMBF Clusters4Future competition. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the project with up to 45 million euros.

To increase the pace of innovation for smart medical instruments and implants and break the innovation backlog in the medical technology industry, SEMECO aims to revolutionize traditional approval processes for medical technology with new approaches to system solutions.

"The SEMECO team is very excited. Together, we want to create an ecosystem that leverages the innovation and future potential of the semiconductor and microsystems technology industry for medical technology, reconciles the justified regulatory and safety requirements, and thereby accelerates the development of applications for the market and for the benefit of patients," said Prof. Gerhard Fettweis, CEO of Barkhausen Institut, Professor of Mobile Communication Systems at TU Dresden and scientific coordinator of the SEMECO project.

SEMECO is one of seven clusters from across Germany selected from 117 applicants in the second round of the BMBF's Clusters4Future competition. Each of the seven clusters will receive up to 15 million euros for a three-year funding period, which can be extended to up to nine years.

A key strength lies in the regional pooling of scientific excellence from leading Saxon research partners. The SEMECO future cluster, centered around Dresden University of Technology, together with the Else Kröner Fresenius Center for Digital Health, the 5G++Lab Germany and the Barkhausen Institut, offer ideal conditions for innovative and sustainable collaboration at Europe's leading academic and industrial location for microelectronics, communications engineering and explainable AI.