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Evaluation of our Science Comics

Are science comics a suitable format for science communication?

With technical advice from our scientists and with the support of the comic artist Veronika Mischitz, students from the Institute of Media and Communication at TU Dresden developed science comics on technical innovations. We then wanted to find out how these comics were received as a means of conveying knowledge.

In Germany, interest in comics among adults is not yet as strong as in other countries. Our evaluation was therefore aimed at young people who are already very interested in comics. We chose the youth section of the Central Library at Kulturpalast Dresden as the survey location. There, in the comics section, we asked 32 young people about their opinion on our science comics.

Twenty-nine respondents rated our comics as positive or very positive. Since the contents are rather complicated scientific topics, we also wanted to find out how well the comics are understood. Again, 90% of the respondents were able to understand what the comic was trying to convey.

Another question we asked was, ”In what place would you expect or like to read science comics?” Here, school textbooks and libraries were at the top of the list, with the answer option 'on posters in town' also chosen by more than half of the respondents.

In addition, more than two-thirds of the respondents said they found the comic format suitable for communicating science content.

This insight was very important for us in terms of deciding whether science comics should continue to play a role in our science communication in the future. We are very pleased that our first attempt to create Science Comics ourselves was so well received by the young people.

Encouraged by these results, we are planning another workshop on the topic of science comics in cooperation with the Dresden Central Library.