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Barkhausen Institut

Latest version of HermesPy

We have just released the latest version of HermesPy, our link-level wireless simulator. Among many improvements, the following features have been added in the last months:

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop support
    …a signal is generated and processed in Hermes, but can be transmitted using real hardware and a live propagation channel instead of simulated models
  • spatial channel modeling
    …a simulation model for the propagation channel, which includes not only temporal information (i.e., propagation path delays), but also spatial information (i.e., angle of departure and arrival)
  • beamforming models
    …technology that focuses a radio signal on a specific receiving device instead of scattering the signal in all directions.
  • (joint) communication and sensing  
    ...both functions are integrated into a single system by sharing most of the hardware, signal processing modules and the transmitted signal.
  • simulation workload distribution within computing clusters
    ...different trials in a Monte-Carlo simulation (a mathematical technique, which is used to estimate the possible outcomes of an uncertain event) can be distributed among different cores in a computing cluster.

HermesPy is now an even more powerful tool for the investigation of 5G and 6G wireless systems. The simulator is a collaborative endeavour, implemented in Python, fully open-source and distributed under a public license. A full feature list can be found at

For further information and extensive documentation visit