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Barkhausen Institut

IoT and Autonomous Vehicles: What's the Link?


Barkhausen Institut is participating in the HiCONNECTS project, aiming to address key challenges in IoT data transmission and "Highly Automated Driving" (HAD).

The project focuses on developing heterogeneous integration (HI) technology solutions for energy-efficient wireless/wired cloud and edge computing, as well as automotive radars. By leveraging radio frequency technologies and IT data growth infrastructures, the project aims to advance connected vehicles, smart cities, and connected industry.

Within HiCONNECTS, BI's research group RF Design Enablement will develop Radio Frequency Antennas for automotive radars, aiming to enhance gain and isolation between transmitting and receiving antennas. They will explore the use of metamaterials to achieve this without additional power consumption. The institute will also integrate mmWave antennas into radar chipsets and evaluate radar performance, emphasizing low-cost chip-to-board interconnect development.

Here you can find more information about BI's participation in the project.

The HiCONNECTS project involves collaboration with various companies, universities, and research institutions. Funding is provided by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The project just launched the HiCONNECTS website. There you can find more information and news.