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Barkhausen Institut

Dresdner Long Night of Science 2021

The 18th Dresden Long Night of Science welcomes all citizens online on July 9, 2021! A Night full of discoveries awaits you, as you can explore the connected world with us. We will open our digital rooms for you. Come in!



6 to 7:30PM: "A convoy of vehicles without a driver?!"
On that live event you will experience our demonstrator for connected driving and learn about the influence of mobile communications on the behavior of vehicles in a convoy. Watch our vehicles in the livestream, examine our web interface and talk to our developers!


7:30 to 9:30PM: Spotlight talks: connected fridges, cars, homes ... with security?

Not only people, but more and more devices communicate via the internet, exchange data, take information from the environment, analyze it and react independently. Our engineers research on solutions, that will make the "Internet of Things" reliable and protect our privacy. They will present their work to all interested parties in a digital open pitch room.


What is the Long Night of the Science?

On the Long Night of the Sciences, Dresden's universities, non-university research institutions and science-related companies open their buildings, laboratories, lecture halls and archives to the public. Visitors can experience science and technology, research and innovation, art and culture in a wide range of lectures, experiments, guided tours, exhibitions and films. Participation in all events is free of charge. 

We cordially invite all citizens to discover the networked world together with us. On July 9 for the 18th Dresden Long Night of Science, we will open our digital spaces.