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Barkhausen Institut

6G follows on 5G

While 5G has not yet been rolled out completely, we at the Barkhausen Institute are already researching on the technologies of tomorrow. 6G will offer people what 5G is already bringing to industry today: mobile robotics and virtual reality. Of course, with 6G we will again be talking about higher data rates and faster downloads. But the real advantage of 6G is the control of automated devices and equipment via wireless networks. The trustworthiness of the Internet of Things plays a major role in this development.

Nowadays we already experience the close connection between humans and technology. At Barkhausen Institute we therefore made it our goal to bring our research closer to the general public. Because we believe that understanding and acceptance of technology is the base for a future, which harmonizes humans, environment and technology. We need to start thinking today about how we want to live tomorrow. Prof. Gerhard Fettweis and Dr. Tim Hentschel explain in a guest article in the Sächsische Zeitung, what responsibility research has in this development and what tasks lie ahead of us.