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Barkhausen Institut

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated on February 11. It is our aim at BI to promote gender equality in research, technology and science. In addition to employing and supporting highly qualified women at the institute, it is particularly important for us to get young women and girls excited about STEM subjects.

To celebrate this day, we asked our scientist Nilanjana Das, who has been working in the research group Scalable Computing Hardware at BI since December 2022, to share her inspiring career journey and motivation for science.

Before joining us, Nilanjana completed her PhD on Hardware Security at the Indian Institute of Engineering and Science and Technology in Shibpur (India).

What sparked your interest in science?

I have keen interest in mathematics from my childhood and that led me to the direction of science.

What is your research about?

My research topic is about hardware security. Mainly hardware Trojan circuit design and implementation in Cryptographic core.  I have designed combinational and sequential Trojan circuit and inserted in the AES core to leak the confidential key of the AES cryptographic core.  

What do you like about working in science?

I mostly like the problem-solving capabilities using science in our daily life.

Do you have female role models in science?

I admire Marie Curie and Jane Goodall for their work in science.