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Barkhausen Institut

HermesPy May 2021 - "5G-Ready" Release

At Barkhausen Institute we are developing radio technologies for the Internet of Things that are secure and resilient. Modern communication systems beyond 5G, as we are currently researching, should be able to use radio waves for communication and sensing the environment at the same time. Therefore, we are investigating new waveforms and the corresponding signal processing techniques, that can be used efficiently and cost-effectively for both purposes. In order to better understand the requirements for such joint radar and communication systems, our researchers developed the programme code HermesPy. HermesPy is a simulation tool that can be used to reproduce the physical layer of a wireless communication system. In this way, complex applications of 5G and 6G wireless radio communication can be investigated. In HermesPy, the interaction of multiple transmitters and receivers can be flexibly configured using different waveforms and frequencies.

The first version of the python-based code was launched in 2020 as open source project. With the current release, which includes numerous improvements such as a simplified implementation of new technologies, we stick to this concept. We are convinced that open-source will keep our research transparent, reproducible and accessible to all. HermesPy was developed in cooperation with the Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems at the TU Dresden. It is a collaborative effort and we are open for further contributors.

The current release is described best as "5G release". With this, we have set the stage to be able to compare investigations on novel algorithms with the state of the art in 5G. The upcoming release in October will include features that prepare the way for 6G research and make it easier for users to investigate 6G technologies.

 Interested collaborators can find source code, release plan and full details to contribute to the development at