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Barkhausen Institut

BI at 6G Summit Dresden 2023

The 6G Summit took place from May 9-10 at the Messe Dresden.

BI scientists participated with two interactive exhibits:

The first exhibit presented a wireless communication system with an integrated microkernel-based, modular operating system on a software-defined radio hardware. The system enables reliable firmware and software updates. Unlike conventional embedded Linux, the setup is robust against device bricking and does not need reboots during updates.

The second interactive setup identified the presence of objects in the communication path while at the same time communicating with a remote device. For this purpose, USRP X410 software-defined radios were used to perform simultaneous communication and sensing (JCAS).

The 6G Summit, part of the Dresden Communications Festival, was a great success with

  • 605 participants
  • 6 keynotes, 4 tracks with 30 talks, 3 live panels, 6 startup pitches
  • 30 exhibition booths.

Recordings of the Plenary Welcome and Closing Sessions as well as pictures of the event can be found here:

The next Dresden Communication Festival and 6G Summit will take place from May 13-17, 2024.