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Barkhausen Institut

SEMECO - reliable and secure digital networking of medical devices

Driving the Revolution: BI Innovates Secure Medical Technology in SEMECO Project

The SEMECO (Secure Medical Microsystems and Communication) project is central to revolutionizing the healthcare industry by establishing trustworthy, reliable and secure digital networking of medical devices.

BI is making key contributions to these transformative advancements in three distinct subprojects.

Firstly, BI is developing an improved data transmission technology for computer tomographs, replacing wear-prone and costly slip ring systems to enable faster scans and reduced maintenance requirements.

Secondly, Barkhausen Institut is focused on creating secure and trustworthy system architectures for medical microsystems, ensuring the privacy and protection of sensitive medical data processed in the cloud.

Lastly, it is actively engaged in science communication initiatives to enhance public understanding and interest in medical technology, through the implementation of a qualification program for researchers and the establishment of a learning laboratory for interaction with students and the general public.

BI's contributions to SEMECO will help develop safe medical technologies and make them applicable, while simultaneously fostering knowledge transfer and promoting widespread acceptance and appreciation of these advancements.

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