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Barkhausen Institut

A.I. and the Value of Data

With increasing digitization, artificial intelligence also plays an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. For example, smartphones have long been able to be unlocked by facial recognition, and recommendation algorithms in streaming services ensure that we always have new music in our playlist and that the next series is exactly to our taste. In the coming years, more and more areas of application for artificial intelligence will emerge that will affect everyone's everyday life.

To make it easier to understand how artificial intelligence works, we have made a short film. It uses the example of autonomous driving to show how important our data is for artificial intelligence. The core message of the film is that an AI only works as well as its training data allows it to. Additionally, the film conveys that artificial intelligence also depends on our data when it comes to other areas, such as infrastructure or medicine. 

As AI becomes more and more important in everyone's life in the future, it needs to be secure and trustworthy. The short film explains the basic principle of AI in such a way that also laypersons can better assess the trustworthiness of this technology in various application areas.