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Barkhausen Institut

Learning Lab

In the learning laboratory, young people can discover the characteristics of computer science and electrical engineering and run small projects with our team. Previous knowledge may not be necessary!

We offer internships. Just get in touch with us!

Current Offers

How does a computer work?

Have you ever wondered how exactly a computer works? Particularly, how it works on the hardware level and what is behind complicated programs and expensive chips?

In this internship you will learn how a simple computer is constructed from scratch, how to communicate with computers in their own language, and how processors or RAM work.

You can choose from a variety of different tasks:

  • design your own logic circuits
  • build electrical circuits
  • solder your own circuits
  • program microcontrollers
  • program your own computer

…And many other possibilities where you can decide yourself what and how much you want to do!

You don't need any previous knowledge - after all, it's all about learning something new.

Minimum duration: 1 week, depending on the task

Construction of a dust particle measuring device

Human activities, e.g. in industry or in road traffic, cause billions of ultrafine dust particles to buzz in the air, which we breathe in every day. Larger quantities of these can be harmful to our health, and also the environment suffers from particulate pollution. However, these tiny elements are invisible, and we are not always aware of how much particulate matter we really breathe in.

To find out how much particulate matter we are exposed to, special measuring instruments are used. At Barkhausen Institut you can build such a dust particle measuring device yourself with the help of our scientists. Here, you will first connect a temperature sensor and a particulate matter sensor to a microcontroller. Next, you will program the microcontroller. After testing the device, you will then measure the particulate matter at different locations in the city. An expert from the Chair of Transport Ecology at TU Dresden will evaluate the measured data together with you. He will explain to you exactly where particulate matter is particularly prevalent and at what point particulate matter becomes harmful to the environment and our health.

You do not need any previous knowledge for the internship. Our scientists will be happy to help you.

Minimum duration: 3 days

Who will supervise your internship?

A team fascinated by electrical engineering, robotics and computer science! We work in a research institute in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), which was founded by the TU Dresden. The goal of our institute is to develop a reliable, secure and trustworthy IoT platform for all users.

We would be happy to tell you more about the world of IoT technology and its relevance for society when we welcome you at the Barkhausen Institut. Just get in touch with us!


Maximilian Matthé
Dr.-Ing.Maximilian MatthéHead of Engineering Lab