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RF Design Enablement

What we do

We are working in the RF hardware research/development of dependable IoT systems with focus on three key research topics such as joint radar-communication system, multi-connectivity, and Physical Layer Security. We primarily focus our research on designing building blocks and identifying critical hardware parameters for next-generation systems. After the initial research on novel RF/mmWave hardware concepts, we integrate them in proof-of-concept demonstration platforms. The implementations will range from silicon-based ICs to mmWave modules. For silicon-based ICs, we are using 22nm FDSOI platform from GlobalFoundries.

We co-design and co-optimize system concepts with Wireless Connectivity group, considering hardware implementation scenarios. At the same time, we validate and integrate critical components in hardware platforms, working with Robotics Lab.

For joint radar-communication, our current research topics include analog implementation of building blocks in the transceiver chain to reduce the power requirements of analog-to-digital conversion (ADC and DAC) and the complete system. We are also integrating hardware simulation results into system designs. Regarding demonstration, we are working in a modular platform for testing out communication algorithms and to demonstrate our initial RadCom research concept to Public.

For multi-connectivity solutions, we have started our research on hardware implementation ideas for beam scanning and beam steering in multi-antenna environment.

Regarding physical layer security, we are providing the hardware support to WiCon group such as measurement platform or including hardware imperfections in the algorithm development.

Who we are