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About us

We merge the results of BI research and strive to build compelling demos and visualizations

Demonstrators setup

The Barkhausen Institute Connected Robotics Lab merges the results of BI research and strives to build compelling demos and visualizations. Our aim is to assemble real-world demonstrators that are both easy to understand and technically considerable. Specifically, we aim at showcasing 5G and IoT technologies in realistic real-world applications. Our demonstrators illustrate concepts of latency-critical, reliable and secure wireless communications and related notions with the help of intuitive compositions of robots, drones and other machines. Using newest technologies, our daily work concentrates on devising perceptive visualizations and simulations, implementing real-time algorithms on hardware, programming microcontroller firmwares, designing mechanical constructions and integrating system components into holistic ensembles.

Research Support

Besides building demonstrators showing IoT concepts to public, a big task of CoRoLa is to support the researchers with measurement applications and setups. As such, we developed a framework for Physical Layer research. We use this framework to allow researchers to run Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests of their signal processing algorithms.

For example, we support the wireless and RF design research group with the implementation of a joint radar and communication measurement setup and demonstrator. Moreover, we will assist in the development of a test setup for Physical Layer Security.

In addition, we develop a custom solution that supports ultra-low-latency wireless communications with latencies of 1ms which runs a battery-driven embedded radio devices. This system is needed to support our battery-driven mobile robots.

Who we are

Maximilian Matthé
Dr.-Ing.Maximilian MatthéHead of Engineering Lab
Markus Böhme
Dipl.-Ing.Markus BöhmeResearch Engineer
Martin Danneberg
Dipl.-Ing.Martin DannebergResearch Engineer
Tobias Kronauer
M.Sc.Tobias KronauerSoftware Developer
Paul Kühne
Dipl.-Ing.Paul KühneResearch Engineer
Joshwa Pohlmann
Dipl.-Ing.Joshwa PohlmannResearch Engineer
Tiphaine Cattiau
Dr. phil.Tiphaine CattiauProject Manager Open Lab