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Barkhausen Institut

OpenLab – The IoT World and Us

Our Philosophy

The Barkhausen Institute aims to strengthen the exchange between science and society through new formats of science communication. Complex research projects are to be presented in an understandable and interesting way. We see this as our contribution to counteract fake news, rumors and prejudices and to refute them with facts and knowledge. The OpenLab does not only aim to generate attention for research topics. We also show how research can contribute to mastering current social and ecological challenges and how people can deal with technological developments appropriately.

The OpenLab introduces visitors to the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT links devices that exchange data and are connected to the environment and people. This ranges from simple temperature sensors to "smart homes" or driver assistance systems. The devices communicate with each other, they take in information, analyze it and react independently.

Regularly throughout the year we organize online and offline events with cooperation partners of the city of Dresden. We offer internships for pupils*, guided tours and other activities. Through these events, visitors have the opportunity to talk to our researchers and ask their questions. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Connected Robotics Lab

In our Connected Robotics Lab we build interactive stations that enable visitors to conduct practical experiments and to become familiar with IoT application fields such as assistance systems for autonomous driving or robots with short reaction times. Our real demonstrators are designed to be both easy to understand and technically comprehensive. They illustrate central concepts of latency-critical, reliable, secure wireless communication as well as data protection aspects using intuitive combinations of robots, drones and other machines.

Using the latest technologies, our daily work focuses on the development of perceptual visualizations and simulations, the implementation of real-time algorithms on hardware, the programming of microcontroller firmware, the design of mechanical assemblies and the integration of system components into holistic systems.


Tiphaine Cattiau
Dr. phil.Tiphaine CattiauProject Manager Open Lab
Maximilian Matthé
Dr.-Ing.Maximilian MatthéHead of Engineering Lab